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CN-2160198-Y: Fishhook patent, CN-2162346-Y: Double screw arbor force machine with whole-course diaphaneity apparent window patent, CN-2162915-Y: Electric shoes brushing device patent, CN-2163359-Y: 弩 patent, CN-2164573-Y: Quick caculating rule for gear base tangent length patent, CN-2164641-Y: Fuzzy controller for electric baking oven patent, CN-2166256-Y: Thrust pump patent, CN-2166619-Y: 纯棉防红外阻燃工作服 patent, CN-2166868-Y: 净水器滤心 patent, CN-2167210-Y: 活塞泵用陶瓷缸套 patent, CN-2167227-Y: 潜水电泵密封装置 patent, CN-2167405-Y: Photoelectric device for computer cursor coordinate patent, CN-2168295-Y: 电子卡预购水量自动计费表 patent, CN-2168372-Y: Vision protector patent, CN-2168942-Y: Safeguard door with two wings opened in the same direction patent, CN-2170152-Y: Combined machine for treating high-quality rice patent, CN-2170330-Y: Multifunctional full-automatic non-tower water supply device patent, CN-2170484-Y: Electric water ice machine patent, CN-2171578-Y: 防漏型垃圾袋架 patent, CN-2172263-Y: 音乐点心盒 patent, CN-2172848-Y: 应用于吸收式制冷机的双层管式喷淋器 patent, CN-2173007-Y: 四季毯 patent, CN-2173582-Y: 电动皮革清洁、涂油刷 patent, CN-2173689-Y: 立式等壁厚圆弧石材锯石机 patent, CN-2174212-Y: Closed disposable device for taking blood patent, CN-2174595-Y: Mechanical seal patent, CN-2175146-Y: Cover of battery for automobile patent, CN-2175423-Y: Arrangement for meausuring and monitoring the use of electric power patent, CN-2176320-Y: 鸟式微型飞行器 patent, CN-2176366-Y: Hotting and mineralizing water patent, CN-2176391-Y: 一种屋顶浪板 patent, CN-2177365-Y: 便携式保温包 patent, CN-2178778-Y: Structure improved check railings patent, CN-2178809-Y: Deceleration transmission device for large pylome machinery patent, CN-2179408-Y: 虹吸式厕所水箱排水量无级调节装置 patent, CN-2179609-Y: Thermal releasing-electricity many red infrared sensing voice alarm patent, CN-2180256-Y: Directly suction back air type milk bottle patent, CN-2180461-Y: 折纸机 patent, CN-2180664-Y: 脱水机 patent, CN-2180719-Y: Multi-layer plastic grain storagehouse patent, CN-2181669-Y: Separated heat pipe with recirculation pipe patent, CN-2182100-Y: Tractor trailer with crane patent, CN-2182328-Y: Corrugated plate heat-transfer structure for convective chimney neck of boiler patent, CN-2182587-Y: 蜂窝状凹凸型底面受热容器 patent, CN-2183709-Y: Linking side-cover-plate for screen patent, CN-2183816-Y: Water magnetizer with rotary magnetic field patent, CN-2184551-Y: Photomechanical process device patent, CN-2184609-Y: Flashing device for motor vehicle turning patent, CN-2184883-Y: 多功能电风扇暖风罩 patent, CN-2185337-Y: Eddy liquid pump patent, CN-2185555-Y: 移动卫生坐便器 patent, CN-2186200-Y: Combined protection board of chain for mountain bicycle patent, CN-2186530-Y: Remote-control electric curtain machine patent, CN-2186540-Y: Toilet cushion delay-action opener patent, CN-2186805-Y: 液抽管 patent, CN-2189199-Y: Heavy and energy saving hydraulic hammer for drilling patent, CN-2189665-Y: 地锚预紧装置 patent, CN-2189679-Y: Cold-hot water valve patent, CN-2189687-Y: 高压活动弯头 patent, CN-2191731-Y: Universal desk threading machine patent, CN-2191830-Y: 插入式膏液容器磁化盖 patent, CN-2193045-Y: 储存乳汁的胸罩 patent, CN-2194250-Y: Gruel material plate-making machine for building patent, CN-2194266-Y: 手摇速印机上的蜡纸规格转换器 patent, CN-2194309-Y: Electric heating drawing prestressing force skin equipment for railway passenger coach patent, CN-2194890-Y: Dust-proof cover for belt conveyer patent, CN-2195222-Y: 用于金属拉链制造设备的送料机 patent, CN-2195568-Y: Installation for preserving erosion of slope patent, CN-2197834-Y: 踏杆双门捕鼠笼 patent, CN-2198593-Y: Multifunction electric stunning device for police patent, CN-2198826-Y: Steel foam finalized health mattress patent, CN-2198861-Y: Jet nozzle for wave producer patent, CN-2199078-Y: 带钉脚的防滑链 patent, CN-2199192-Y: 磁化器 patent, CN-2199552-Y: 世界时差钟表 patent, CN-2199919-Y: Tail box for motorcycle patent, CN-2200607-Y: Tape rack device patent, CN-2201265-Y: Money checking finger sleeve patent, CN-2201392-Y: Water magnetizing device patent, CN-2201413-Y: 一种夹筋网编网机 patent, CN-2202443-Y: 折叠式多功能学习桌 patent, CN-2202867-Y: Energy-saving device for diesel range patent, CN-2204357-Y: Mechanical-sealing coupling case patent, CN-2205181-Y: 鞋底除尘装置 patent, CN-2205571-Y: Fixed bead abacus patent, CN-2206277-Y: Elevator roll type crossing frame patent, CN-2206686-Y: 连铸机结晶器异形足辊 patent, CN-2207132-Y: ″锅背面带翅片的炒锅″ patent, CN-2207300-Y: Wheel anti-skid net belt patent, CN-2207334-Y: 发条动力式自行车改进机构 patent, CN-2207566-Y: intelligent digtal display pneumatic measuring meter patent, CN-2208454-Y: 一种立式高效多层筛滤机 patent, CN-2208750-Y: Cutter structure for automatic wire cutting and barking machine patent, CN-2209326-Y: 多层杠杆式钩秤 patent, CN-2209502-Y: Cleaning cloth patent, CN-2211969-Y: 果蔬硅窗保鲜袋 patent, CN-2212486-Y: 折叠钳工工作台 patent, CN-2212968-Y: Rectal cutting instrument patent, CN-2213311-Y: Magnetizing and purifying electric control cold and hot water pipe for kitchen patent, CN-2214199-Y: 一种防治呼吸道疾病的医用雾化器 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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